Middletown:  707-987-2325

Cobb:  707-928-5233

Hidden Valley: 707-987-2200




Quality fresh meat and poultry, good old fashion small town customer service is what you will experience at Hardester’s meat departments. Our staff of excellent butchers are at work every day providing our customers with meats of superior quality and freshness.

We feature Hardester's Angus Beef, Prairie Fresh all natural pork, Foster Farms natural chicken, as well as Free Range Organic Smart Chicken raised without antibiotics. We believe that value means a quality product at a good price.

Fresh fish? You bet! We buy our fish from local suppliers.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Meat, seafood and poultry you can trust to be safe and delicious every time. Visit your local and convenient Hardester’s today and experience our commitment to quality and value!